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Why We Do What We Do:
Adventure is contained in your soul. When was the last time you let it out?

Think back to those younger carefree days you once knew, when adventure was everywhere you chose to find it. Life isn’t meant to be lived staring at a screen, life is meant to be lived with your brain engaged, your body moving, and a handful of friends sharing the story with you.

Return to adventure with us! We have exciting adventures to offer for both locals and visitors to San Francisco.



Our founder, Shannon Bruzelius, grew up on the front range of Colorado where he discovered his love for outdoor adventure. Whether it was introducing the locals to the first paint-based game of car tag, organizing huge Hide & Seek night games in the park, New Years Eve sledding festivals, or putting together scavenger hunts for holiday parties, he always made sure that everyone had the time of their life.

Shannon fell in love with San Francisco back in 1996 and moved here shortly afterward. Since he has always been the designated tour guide whenever family or friends come to town (which happens a lot), the natural progression was to marry his love for adventure and San Francisco by creating Foxhound Urban Adventures so anyone could see the sights and carry amazing stories back home.




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