Lambscroft is simply a group of people who believe that Jesus is among the poor, broken-hearted, cast-out, rejected, unloved, hopeless and houseless. We are not from one particular church, denomination or civic group. We are the church in all of its expressions! We are many who together want to see Jesus’ love reach the least and the lowest, regardless of background.

We meet every Sunday at CITY, every Wednesday and Saturday at Upper Room and live life with the Disciple House members on a daily basis. We are not the most organized bunch, but we sure do love to gather for fellowship, Jesus and serving those in need.

St Francis said it best…

“We have been called…to bring home those who have lost their way”

Join us!

Our Mission:

To bring the poor, spiritually bankrupt and/or financially destitute into a safe environment, providing immediate shelter, while entering earnestly into learning skills necessary for the restoration of their entire being.

Our Purpose:

To adhere to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to provide the opportunity necessary to encourage and support its effect on ourselves and those we serve through everyday living and service. To continue to be a center of effective training and encouragement, to follow the teachings, life and character of Jesus, and its call on the human soul.

The Ministry:

We desire to take on the form of servants to those of our Human Family in their time of great need, as we believe it is essential to the active life of a believer and for the continuance of well being as a whole society. As a volunteer based organism, we advocate active, voluntary service to the surrounding community. We, as a community practice the mandate given by Jesus, ‘freely you have received…freely give. Whole hearted and liberal service is the foundation of the character of Lambscroft. Our desire is that by practicing in community, the Gospel of Christ, those we serve, will be immersed in the active presence of God, being challenged to focus entirely upon holistic healing, body, soul and spirit, and then in turn, to take that healing experience to the world. We believe we exist by God’s sustaining providence, and purpose to offer a nurturing environment to encourage vibrant relationship with God and others, through prayer and expectation.